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Since 1947 we have served customers by helping properly match the right equipment for their work so that you get the results you want. From manufacturers to contractors to individuals we have a variety of options to help with your painting, sandblasting, powder coating, and safety equipment needs.


D.C. Clarke

The team at Pittsburgh Spray are always very helpful and very knowledgeable. Extremely easy to work with and they have been supporting my business with great care for the past several years. Patrick works closely with us on a variety of projects and the rest of the team has always been there when we needed additional help. I highly recommend!

Mike Siebieda

Pittsburgh Spray is the go to company if you do any painting (spray ) or blasting. They go above and beyond to help their customers. My shop is 1 hour from Pittsburgh and Patrick and his crew have no problem coming down to assist with a big job or help out with equipment. Above everything else is the expertise they provide in their field. The education and training is priceless. They are competitive on all their pricing and I couldn't imagine working with another company. I highly recommend them for any Industrial Painting or blasting needs. This goes for EQUIPMENT SALES , Education , Training and equipment repairs.

Mark Pavinich

Have been using Pittsburgh spray equipment for many year's and have never needed to look anywhere else! Very professional and helpful.

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